Hookah 1000- Shisha- Bowl Narguile (Purple)

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Hookah is approximately 15" tall, this all glass Hookah set is the perfect size for a home use bars, clubs, weddings, parties, outdoors, cafes and families.
COMPLETE set. Main body, ashtray with connection, female bowl, purge, tong, and a premium plastic hose.
Glass parts are heated, sculpted, and finished using high grade heat resistant borosilicate glass. Made by professional glass sculptors and decorated with 10K gold.
Hookah is easy to clean and produces a pure taste.
It is strongly recommended that you clean the water after each use of the hookah. Change the water every time you smoke to ensure clean and pure taste; especially when you change the flavor of the fruit to avoid residue in the hookah. Other tastes, affecting the taste
Set includes main body, male bowl, female bowl, silicone hose, charcoal tongs
Glass hookahs are handmade and inspected for any flaws before being delivered to their future owners
PORTABLE -- It's designed to be easily moved around. Take it anywhere you go and enjoy the best smoking experience with the people you loveGreat for parties and regular users this hookah kit comes with everything you need to create a more relaxing, inviting experience
GIFT -- Wonderful gift to give Parents, customers, relatives, friends.