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Welcome to Unique Glass Ornaments! The House of Mouth Blown Art Glass


Unique Glass Ornaments is a private company located in Cleveland, Ohio. Our Home company is based in Alexandria, Egypt and we have over fifteen years of experience dealing with original handmade crafts from some of the most talented Egyptian artists.

Our most popular line of collectibles includes Christmas & seasonal decorations such as Ornaments, Snow Globes, Animal, Pets, Tree Topper, Candle Holders, Candle Sticks, Vases, Birds Feeder designs, and Easter eggs.

Our stunning unique collections are prized for their quality, authenticity, intricate detailing represented by both the artists and their designs. Find a treasure for your home or a unique gift for your loved ones from our selection of rare collectibles. 

Our Unique ornaments are hand crafted with traditional methods. Each individual Pyrex item is blown over free fire using a glass pipe, the item is then manually painted with high quality European colors as well as 10k genuine Gold plating, they are then put under fire once again to maintain the durability of the colors.

Our Ornaments range in size from 1.5 inches to 12 inches in diameter. They are light weight and very durable considering the high quality materials they are made of.  

Our collection is a beautiful addition to your home decorations all year round. They will look outstanding hung up on your Christmas tree, by windows, on chandeliers and much more!

Considering the manual production of our products, each individual item will be unique to you! We put effort into providing the most accurate descriptions and photos to the designs you will receive. Though seeing as we create handmade designs, we will never have two products that are exactly alike which gives them a more authentic feel.

Unique Glass Ornaments release an annual variety of new designs that go beyond solely glass ornaments. With your support we can continue to add on to our selection.